Founder of the Future Index©, Jim Tudor, is available to speak at conferences globally. His unique style is fast-paced, image led and designed to inspire, sometimes complete with stickers and sheets, or voting technology, to help the audience interact. His experience includes:




2013 CASE Europe – Marketing Track Opening Plenary – 2020 Horizons

2014 CASE Europe – The Future Student

2015 CASE Europe – 24 Hour Hack (with SMILE) – Jim was awarded ‘Stellar Speaker’ status

2014 UCAS Digital Conference – Opening Keynote – 20 Digital Trends

2014 CIM HE Conference – Closing Keynote – 20 Digital Trends

2015 CIM HE Conference – Opening Keynote – What HE can learn from Coca Cola and the wider world

2015 DHENIM Conference (Netherlands) – Opening Keynote – 20 International Digital Trends

Jim has also delivered keynote presentations at university senior management conferences, round table facilitation for the Open University Business School and training for Malaysian HE marketing directors. The Future Index© has gone beyond education too with Jim running a trends session as part of a Marks & Spencers leadership programme.


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